A yard is a terrible thing to waste, especially when it has the potential to invigorate the surrounding ecosystem. But, what’s a homeowner to do? They can call Darren Tubito of Auburn Sky Landscaping, LLC., a Certified Aquascape Contractor who has worked alongside the Pond Stars—a group of some of the world’s best pond and water garden builders, who can turn any barren plot into an attractive, inspirational and even healing oasis.

Premiering September 9th on Nat Geo Wild, ‘Pond Stars’ follows Greg Wittstock, owner of Aquascape, Inc. and water feature expert, and his team of Ed Beaulieu, Brian Helfrich, and Chris Hanson as they travel the country and help homeowners transform their backyards.

Pictured l. to r.: Chris Hanson, Ed Beaulieu, Darren Tubito, Greg Wittstock, Brian Helfrich

The falls at Sugar Grove farm in Illinois come together in Darren's recent work with the Pond Stars. The waterfall installation aims to create a soothing, unique, sensory environment for developmentally disable individuals who spend time at the farm.

Darren and his foremen have had the pleasure and honor of working alongside Greg and his team over the years at places like the Sussex County Fairgrounds, the Lincoln Park Zoo in Chicago, Il., and this year at Sugar Grove farm in Illinois to create a soothing, unique, sensory environment for developmentally disabled individuals. “There’s so much that can be done with water features—I’m excited for people to watch ‘Pond Stars’ and see what’s possible,” Darren says.

Darren’s been installing water features, including fountains, ponds,and pondless waterfalls, for years, and earned his Certified Aquascape Contractor status through vigorous hands-on work and testing. “I’m proud to wear the badge of Certified Aquascape Contractor and to be able to say that I’ve worked with Greg and his guys. I can’t wait to watch the show.” For more information on Darren’s work with water features or to find out what he can do for your backyard, check out www.auburnskylandscaping.com for pictures, or give Darren a call at 973.383.4840.

Darren and Brian aren't letting the wet weather and messy conditions dampen their spirits!

Darren and Ed are happy to be putting in the hard work at Sugar Grove farm in Illinois.