The ASL, LLC. team pumped up its water feature knowledge by attending this year’s Pondemonium® event held by the best in the business: Aquascape, Inc..

Darren Tubito, owner of Auburn Sky Landscaping, LLC. (ASL, LLC.) loves creating with water.  “In my opinion, there’s nothing better than going into your outdoor space and hearing the soothing sounds of running falls, or watching the koi fish dart back and forth in the pond, or seeing the water transform into liquid gold when the night lighting is turned on.”

Darren achieves these experiences for his clients by staying educated in the latest developments in the water feature industry.  This year, he took his lead foreman to the 13th annual Pondemonium event held in Chicago, Illinois August 22nd to the 24th. 

Greg Wittstock, founder and CEO of Aquascape, Inc., and his team secured the Lincoln Park Zoo as the venue where attendees would reconstruct or newly construct water features.  Darren and his foreman worked on various pond and water feature projects and were able to correct water issues for the wildlife.

After the hands-on training, attendees moved to Aquascape’s headquarters in St. Charles, Illinois for pond tours, more pond builds, product showcases, and seminars.  Of the event, Darren said, “It was great.  There were professionals there from around the world and being able to talk with them and share ideas was hugely beneficial for me.  I’m excited to implement the techniques that I learned there for my customers.”

To top off the experience, Darren and James had a good laugh when they realized that they were to become ‘Calendar Men’.  “Yeh, we had a good chuckle when we were told we’d be in the 2014 calendar,” Darren said.  “Of course your first thought is something like the Firemen or Policemen centerfold-type calendars they do in New York.  Luckily, they just meant a group photo in the Irrigation & Green Industry calendar!”

Darren and James with Aquascape, Inc.'s founder and CEO, Greg Wittstock (middle).


2014 Irrigation & Green Industry Calendar (August, showcasing Pondemonium attendees)


Darren and James with Aquascape Designs' Construction Manager, Brian Helfrich (middle).


Darren and James would like to thank Greg and his crew for a great event-- can’t wait to see them again for the next one!

To see more photos and footage of the event, check out the video that Aquascape, Inc. put together here.