The goal of good landscape design is to unite the beauty of nature with the uniqueness of your personal style.

At Auburn Sky Landscaping, LLC., we help you to realize your landscape dream by maintaining integrity in the structures that we build, the methods that we use, and our interactions with you while we create your outdoor space.

As trained landscape professionals, we possess the knowledge of various design techniques and have an experienced understanding of the sustainability of plants and materials for your particular piece of property.  With that knowledge, we can create a healthy, functional, and beautiful outdoor space tailored to your land and to you.

The Beginning

We begin the transformation of your outdoor space by meeting with you one-on-one to gain an understanding of your dream.  We’ll survey your property for architectural, environmental, and horticultural details to formulate our initial assessment of possibilities and, after reviewing budget and timeline goals of yours, we’ll finalize a design that fits your needs and wants.

The Site Preparation

In order to transform your space into the paradise you’re seeking, our crew will come in and begin prepping the site for the project.  That could mean correcting work of previous landscapers, grading the land, properly establishing drainage topography, or tending to structural or environmental issues to ensure that the canvas is clear for the project’s success.

The Installation

The exciting moment for many homeowners is when the new materials arrive and our crew begins installation.  Depending on your project, this could be laying down pavers for your new walkway, installing a waterfall and pond on your back hill, building retaining walls for your tiered garden, or constructing the bar for your poolside entertainment area.

The Finishing Touches

When construction is complete, it’s time to mind the details and put the finishing touches on your new space.  Our crew will plant your flower, tree, or shrubs per design specifications and clean up all work materials and debris so that your final product shines.

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